The Founders

A father of twins and a seasoned entrepreneur, Raj is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. Amongst many of his laurels is his taking a software services firm to a USD 10 million turnover with 350 employees and 3 countries in 10 Years. He is passionate about transforming the education sector. As a Co-Founder and CEO of Footprints Childcare, he yearns towards creating world-class education facilities in India .

Ashish is co-founder and CFO of Footprints Childcare. Prior to Footprints, he has worked in multiple domains and geographies and his last assignment was with Citibank Japan. Ashish is passionate about uplifting the schooling system in India to create competent and conscientious individuals who can take on any challenge in life. Ashish is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta.

Purvesh is co-founder and COO of Footprints Childcare. Prior to starting Footprints, Purvesh was co-founder and CEO of an eLearning company with 50,000 Customers in 120 Countries. Purvesh’s vision for life is helping people lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and he believes that revolutionising education is the source of the same. Purvesh is alumnus of IIT Delhi.

Sushant is an award-winning parenting coach and a TEDx Speaker. He is also the Founder Director of Parwarish Institute of Parenting. He is committed to making parenting and teaching a more comfortable and joyful experience for the parents and teachers so that they can raise effectively healthy, happy and productive children.