Our ‘No-Limit Curriculum’ is about children discovering their own ‘No Limitness’. The curriculum will provide a nurturing and stimulating space for children to learn and grow. Operating from a basic premise that every child can achieve whatever s/he wants to; the school environment will provide a stimulating safe space; where each child can discover the innate abilities and grow to be a ‘No limit’ adult. The No-Limit curriculum aims at giving all these opportunities and also partner and empower parents to facilitate the process at home; to create an environment, free from the limiting beliefs of ‘limited abilities’;  thus, empowering each child to explore and grow.

There is no dearth to learning. Nature, animals, plants, natural phenomenon and people around have a lot to offer. It is all about our interface with these elements and what we make out of it. Pragyanam’s ‘No-Limit Curriculum’ is an open curriculum,which uses this premise to support making the child’s experiences, richer. A rigorous 3 months teachers training will empower the teachers to develop their learning designs based on age-specific, child development learning indicators.

A healthy mix of new and traditional methods would be used for effective delivery of No-Limit Curriculum


Courseware– using a rich mix of NCERT and other guiding texts

A mix of structured and unstructured co-scholastic activities like dance/ drama/ theatre/ storytelling/ P.E

Theme-wise and integrated subjects’ approach: Subjects are not stand-alone. They are inter-related. No Limit Curriculum aims at introducing themes at different class levels and hence exploring and understanding these themes using various subjects.

Individualized Educational Plans- Every child respected for her own pace to learn, grow and develop; thus providing no scope for comparisons.