Safety & Security

The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India has recently drafted the National Plan of Action for Children 2016, which provides a roadmap that links our Policy objectives to actionable strategies. This Policy is meant to guide and inform all laws, policies, plans and programs affecting children. As children’s needs are multi-sectoral and interconnected; they require collective action. The Policy aims for purposeful convergence and strong coordination across different sectors (especially child related) and levels of governance; active engagement and partnerships with all stakeholders and the setting up of a comprehensive and reliable knowledge base and sensitisation and capacity development of all those who work for and with children. A long term, sustainable, multi-sectoral, integrated and inclusive approach is in place for the overall and harmonious development and protection of children.

Details are available in our Policy document

As teachers and children spend a substantial part of their day in school, we have kept the school environment including building, premises, entrance and surroundings that comprise broader term ‘Infrastructure’, safe and secure. School building is built to be more resilient to hazards and ensure “life safety”. In similar way, school administration, staff, teachers as well as students are aware and prepared to respond to any catastrophe, natural or man-made, so that any damage – injury or loss of life and property – can be reduced, if not completely avoided.

School infrastructure includes many components viz., physical structures such as school building, playground, water bodies (if any), electrical and fire safety mechanisms, school transport . We have adhered ot the highest standards of safety in all these components.

Details are provided in our Policy document