Pragyanam has signed an MoU[Memorandum of Understanding ]with The Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET) at Stanford University, USA. The MoU enables us to access resources from Stanford, learn from them and participate in training sessions organised by them. CSET works in educational partnerships to solve persistent problems of practice by improving the quality of instruction, keeping equity at the center of the work, and developing leading teachers.Keeping equity at the center of instructional improvement and teacher leadership means using research-based approaches for professional learning experiences that focus on developing cultural competencies, strengthening one’s ability to communicate and work effectively across cultural lines, and examining the ways in which power and privilege benefit or harm learners. As part of the MoU, our teachers and staff members will receive training from CSET. It has been initiated with the the Head of School going to Stanford to attend a course titled “Improving Instruction to Promote Excellence for All” in Aug 2018. Similar programs will be attended by our teachers annually.